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"A word truly heard unleashes a thousand possibilities.

Don't let a simple word, or lack of the right word, hold you back."



What Others Say About Aleta

"With each project Aleta makes my life easier. I give her an assignment and she’s off handling it to perfection. She returns with an article that is exactly what we wanted to convey to our clients and all the while working around everyone’s busy schedule. She’s one of the most talented freelance writers that I’ve had the pleasure of working with. I highly recommend her."

-- Sandra Demond, Director of Marketing, Creative Technology North America - Avesco

"Aleta has consistently shown the talent to manage multiple projects with minimal to no supervision and her attention to detail is excellent. She also works well under deadline and the quality of her work does not diminish even if she is on the tightest of schedules."

-- Jeff Adcox, Editor, Exhibit City News

“I have hired Aleta on several occasions and am always impressed with her work. She is a great writer who produces consistently high-quality material. She is extremely professional and understands the importance of deadlines.”

-- Barbara Kowalski, President, Modern Healthcare Communications, former Senior Vice President, Porter Novelli

“Aleta's impeccable professionalism, experience, and follow through is excellent and what we needed to elevate our public relations efforts. Her keen insight to ‘getting ink’, strength in positioning and superior writing skills helped present AnaServe to the media, increasing an awareness of our company and our services.”

-- Michelle Ruyle, Director of Marketing, AnaServe

“Aleta’s enthusiasm, professionalism and creative thinking are, in my opinion, her greatest strengths. Combine these skills with her excellent writing and editorial knowledge and you have a real asset.”

-- Robert Mooers, President, GreenLight Communications

“I frequently overlook the importance of complimenting and recognizing a job well done. You should know that all of us here at Applied Magic are very happy with the efforts being put forth by Aleta in the PR piece. She is a true professional and really knows her stuff.”

-- Jim Mathers, V.P, Marketing, Applied Magic

“In the 3 years I’ve worked with Aleta, she has continually impressed me with her professionalism, curiosity and dedication to her craft. She provides not only exceptional writing and editing skills; but can coordinate an event/show with the best of them! I continue to rely on her for a variety of needs and is one of my favorite people to work with.”

-- Cheryl Inbody, President, Inbody & Company

“Aleta is an exceptional writer who looks at things from a keen perspective. With the number of experiences she has achieved throughout her career, she finds a way to draw in and involve her readers in a way that presents a whole perspective. Having known her since her reporting days and through her most recent corporate efforts, what you get from her is a solid effort day in and day out.”

-- Bob Wolff, Vice President of Public Relations, The Drucker Group

"Aleta is not only dependable, flexible and willing to expand her areas of interest, she brings fresh insight and ability to interpret technical material in a way which all readers can understand and glean information."

-- Kim Herbert, Editor of The Horse, Your Guide to Equine Health

"I read the article (Challenging times face EACs) a few days ago and you did a phenomenal job!!! You should be quite proud because I heard from colleagues in Los Angeles, Denver, Atlanta, Boston and of course Philadelphia/New Jersey who all read the article and were extremely complimentary of your piece. ...your reporting was seen as a serious journalistic contribution. So congratulations, because you did a wonderful job!"

-- Ron Mestichelli, President, Spectrum Show Services

Publishers, Editors & Reporters:

“I have always enjoyed working with Aleta, even when she gets me to write too much about her clients.”

-- Bob Turner, Contributing Editor, Video Systems Magazine

“Aleta Walther is as good a publicist as exists in business today. What has amazed me over the years is the number of diverse clients she has worked for and the uniformly outstanding results she has achieved. The type of client really doesn't matter, the work will be excellent.”

-- Fred Weinberg, President, Far West Radio, Inc., Las Vegas

“I've been covering the digital video industry for In-Stat/MDR since 1991. In that entire time frame, I've never met a company press relations person who is as professional, proactive, and helpful as Aleta Walther. She has a personality that just jumps out and grabs your attention, so if you have a product or service that you want to have noticed, make sure Aleta Walther is working in your corner.”

-- Gerry Kaufhold, Principal Analyst Emerging Technologies, In-Stat/MDR

“Aleta Walther has succeeded in keeping her clients on our editorial radar screen. She uses the right combination of press releases, phone calls, appearances at trade shows and emails to alert us to every new product development relevant to our readers. Aleta does all this with a unique vivacious style that has always keeps our relations with her and employers both honest and warm.”

-- Stephen Muratore, Editor in Chief, Videomaker Magazine

“Aleta is a special breed of PR professional because she gets it. She understands things like deadlines and word counts, and always ran the extra mile to make sure my writers got the information they need. For an editor, people like Aleta are an invaluable resource -- and a true pleasure."

-- Mark Pescatore, Editor, Government Video Magazine

“I work with a lot of publicists in the digital content creation market space, and so I get to come in contact with the entire spectrum of skills and ability. In that range, Aleta Walther consistently impresses me as one of the best publicists in the industry. Her can-do attitude and sensitive approach makes it easy to work with her. Her extensive experience on both sides of the journalistic world make her able to know what the writer needs. At home both on the phone and in print, this PR professional is one I wish all would emulate."

-- Charlie White, Executive Producer, Digital Media Net

“Aleta Walther represents her company and clients with knowledgeable professionalism, and at the same time has provided me with the content, context and contacts necessary to do my job just as well. Even more satisfying, she does so with a friendly demeanor, good spirits and enthusiastic energy and commitment."

-- Lee Rickwood, Managing Editor, WEVA Magazine